Sunday, November 29, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This style we'll label as My Crowning Glory


I feel so blessed and thankful for all the wonderful people that God has placed in my life. I had such a wonderful time at my sister-in-law's house. Good food, good laughs, good times.
I just love when we get together and play board games LOL It's hilarious the things you find out about the people.
I can't wait to see what Christmas will bring :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loc Journal #1 History

 December 1, 2007 was the day I made a lifelong decision to loc my hair once again. This time instead of going to shop to get them done, I decided to start my locs myself.

I've been taking pictures since I started so that I can monitor my growth as well as show off the different styles that I've worn. Hair has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl and I've been braiding hair professional since my college days trying to make some extra money(you know how college students do anything to make some money especially when they're far from home. I used to braid hair, type term papers and when I worked at McDonald's, I used to bring back to the dorms the left over sandwiches and sell them to my suitemates...I guess that's the NY hustla in me!)

The first 6 months of my loc journey were interesting to say the least. At one point my hair was just everywhere and since it was so short, there was only so much I could do with it.

I sported headbands until I had enough length to actually style it. It was rough for me because I was used to ponytails and being able to braid my hair but at this point, all I could do was wear a headband. I'm happy I passed the awkward stage :)

As my hair grew, I started getting more creative with my loc styles.

In this picture I braided my locs into about 8 cornrows after washing and re-twisting my new growth and left the cornrows in for a few days so the crinkles would set...this was the final result. I was extremely happy with the outcome.
I've seen alot of people that have locs with blonde in their hair, don't get me wrong, some people look nice with it but blonde tends to break your hair off much easier than other colors so I decided on Red. I love red especially as a hair color. When I had my hair relaxed, I used to get this color called Egyptian Clay. The most beautiful color I've seen and it looked so cute in my hair.

This was right before New Year's 2009 the very first time I let someone else style my hair for me, a loctician named Antwon (he did a beautiful job) I was very pleased with the style. Thanks Antwon! :)

 Here I found this Basket Weave style on YouTube by a lady named Shawnta715. Thanks Shawnta! Here's a link to her youtube page: Shawnta715

As my hair gets longer, I can experiment now with more styles, this Loc hawk I also found a YouTube by vnllawytchkltblndie he actually did the simple Loc hawk by just gathering your hair in sections and securing it with rubberbands. I just decided to do braids instead to put my personal twist to it. Thanks VWCB here's his link to youtube: vnllawytchkitblndie

Here I went to one of my favorite styles from when i used to wear my hair relaxed....1 french braid. I love the fact that my hair is to the point now that I can style it in so many different ways. 
So as December 1st approaches...I would be celebrating 2yrs strong of the most beautiful locs that I was blessed to have created. 
2010 will bring more strength, more positivity and more love. Stay tuned for more pictures of my journey. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! 2010 is almost here.
More to come, stay tuned ;) 


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