This is a style you can use if you have your hair braids for the braid out/crinkled look.

The front is in a basket weave then take a handful of hair at either side and tie a knot. Then tuck it and pin it down. Take 6 or so braids in the back and braid them into plaits and rubber band the ends. Once the back is fully braided, another basket weave (from the bottom up). Once at the top, just tuck down the ends.

I love the crinkle look that braiding my locs gives me. Now braiding my hair for the crinkle look takes time. Not necessarily the braid process itself, it's the waiting for the crinkles to set. For soft crinkles that'll fall within a week, all I do is cornrow my hair in about 8-10 cornrows and leave it in for about a day or two. This time I actually took about 6 locs and made plaits throughout my entire head. I didn't want to take them down so I created a style with the plaits.

From Loc Progress

From Loc Progress

Now the braids in the back I coiled them up and put a rubber band on each braid to hold it in place overnight...If I would've kept the coils in, the curls would be tighter...I took this picture after my curls dropped a bit.

From Loc Progress

I love being creative with my hair and I love sharing my journey...stay tuned...more styles and pics to come :)

Here are the pictures of my locs after taking down my braids.

From Loc Progress

I love my locs!

From Loc Progress

Feel free to comment :) Stay tuned for some new styles and pics!

Basket weave all the way down. I love this style :) 

Basket weave all the way down. I love this style :)

I've been wanting to do double strand/2 strand twists in my hair for a while now, I finally did it :)
This was my regimen this time:
Shampooed with Black soap (yes the bar soap and it got rid of all of the buildup in my locs)
Conditioned with EVO (extra virgin olive oil)
Re twisted with Shea butter and olive oil (my hair loves olive oil)

Double strand twists! I just love my locs!! on Twitpic

Then of course me being the creative mind that I am when it comes to styles...I decided to basket weave the front:

Double strand twists basket weave... on Twitpic

I can't wait to see what the twist out looks like :) Stay tuned for pics!

Here are 2 styles that I did with my curls so far :)

Flat twist with Curls

Curls pushed back with a head band

Curly Ponytail :)

A few days after interlocking my roots, I decided to braid my locs for the crinkle look...

I love my RED HOT BRAID OUT!! :) 

Here are a few styles I've been playing with...feel free to comment! Don't forget to tell a friend!

Braided Crown


Stay tuned....More to come....

As much as I love the basket weave...I had to combine it with another one of my favorites...the ponytails :) 

To achieve this look: 

Separate your ponytail first with a hair tie
Basket weave the back going upwards(use 1 or 2 pins to secure the basket weave in place)
Once your basket weave is done....collect the rest of your hair and add it to the ponytail.
I sprayed the locs with Amazon Natural Essentials Flaxy Curl Leave in Moisturizing conditioner w/flax seed oil. 
Add curlers to your pony (whichever curlers you decided to use..I used flexi rods and the small blue sponge rollers) 
Tie down overnight and taa daaa!!!! 

Comments welcomed...feel free to tell a friend :) 
Peace and Blessings

The Curly pony was cute and I wanted to see how my locs would look if I took the pony down...beautiful flowing curls...so in fact I was able to get a 2 for 1 hair style out of the curly pony :)

Went from this:

To this :) 

Looks like an asymmetrical cut from back in the 90s lol  

LOVE IT! Cute enough for a day to day style or an evening out 

Now these are the curls I've been trying to achieve since I started locking my hair. I watched a Youtube video that illustrated how to use pipe cleaners (fuzzy sticks) bought at Walmart $1.97 for a pack of 100 in the craft section and some mousse...let the mousse dry completely and taadaa!!! Beautiful spiral curls :) 

The Curly Loc Hawk 

Stay tuned...I'll post more styles soon :)
Peace and Blessings!

Ok so yesterday 11/14/11 I decided to deep condition my locs which was much needed...I shampooed my hair with the natural black soap that I received from Chocolashea (which I love love love her products I must say!!! product review on Chocolashea coming soon....) and I concocted a deep conditioner which consist of, HPO Spa Treatment Hair Conditioner, and the HPO Butter Drops. I drenched my locs and covered them with a plastic shower cap and put a scarf on over it (now don't laugh at me) I wrapped a towel on top of the scarf and put a plastic bag (yes a plastic store bag) over all of that...talk about retaining the heat! LOL
Being that I had a braid client, I did all of this early in the day (about1030am), she came over about 2pm and didn't leave till about 6pm. I didn't wash the conditioner out of my hair until about 8pm so the conditioner was in my hair for pretty much the whole day. Once I rinsed it out, I pulled out my trusty pipe cleaners to start rolling...
To moisturize my locs, I used Chocolashea's Chocolate Whipped Hair Butter (which smells just like chocolate YUMMMMMM) and I added some more Butter Drops (I just love that stuff) and proceeded to spiral curl mylocs.
The pictures below is how I have my locs now and once I pull these pipe cleaners out, I will post pics of my final results :)

Here is a picture of the pipe cleaners I used in my locs 

As promised  Here are the photos of my curls after I removed the pipe cleaners


As my curls start to drop (because I will be rocking them like this for a few days) I'll post more pics :)

A style I did on one of my clients for a braid out. 

Stay tuned...more styles to coming soon!!! 
I love when I run my fingers through my spiral curls and they do this:

Have I told ya'll how much I love having my locs curly :) 
Stay tuned...I'm pretty sure I'll be taking more pics real soon LOL 


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