Sunday, September 25, 2011

From Juicy Red Locs to Multi colored Locs

I had an experience with my hair color that changed completely. Before going to NYC to visit my family in 2010, my locs were a beautiful juicy red color.
But then me and the family went to the swimming pool at Rye Playland and the chlorine stripped away all of my red.

(from left to right) My son Dioni, myself, my daughter Tatyanna and my cousin Paloma
It was so much fun to be in the water teaching my kids how to swim and stay afloat LOL we had a blast! But then I went to the showers and saw that ALL of my red washed out 
I had to lighten my locs with powdered bleach before getting it to the red that I was looking to achieve. So when the red was stripped from mylocs, it turned to a reddish honey blonde color that I've grown to absolutely LOVE! Being that it was a semi-permanent hair dye, it didn't damage my locs but it did cause a few of my longer locs to break off (they were pretty thin due to the shells I use to wear on a few of my ends which caused those locs to thin out). I don't want to continue to stress my locs out adding additional color on top of what I had done so...this is what I'm left with:

I love my locs more than ever now and I decided to let the color grow out so I can have the 2 toned look (black/dark brown at the roots and the color towards the ends).
I just wanted to share with ya'll...if you're deciding on adding color to your natural tresses, please be careful getting in the pool LOL *LESSON LEARNED!!!*

Peace and Blessings!


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