Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Braid Out results 1/25/10

Here are the pictures of my locs after taking down my braids.

From Loc Progress

I love my locs!

From Loc Progress

Feel free to comment :) Stay tuned for some new styles and pics!

Another Braid Out style

I love the crinkle look that braiding my locs gives me. Now braiding my hair for the crinkle look takes time. Not necessarily the braid process itself, it's the waiting for the crinkles to set. For soft crinkles that'll fall within a week, all I do is cornrow my hair in about 8-10 cornrows and leave it in for about a day or two. This time I actually took about 6 locs and made plaits throughout my entire head. I didn't want to take them down so I created a style with the plaits.

From Loc Progress

From Loc Progress

Now the braids in the back I coiled them up and put a rubber band on each braid to hold it in place overnight...If I would've kept the coils in, the curls would be tighter...I took this picture after my curls dropped a bit.

From Loc Progress

I love being creative with my hair and I love sharing my journey...stay tuned...more styles and pics to come :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Comic pic strip

a comic strip!

Treatment Recipe

This is a recipe that I am currently using on my hair. I don't know how well it'll work for other people but for me it leaves my hair feeling stronger and softer.

Miracle Whip
1 Egg
Aloe gel
Leave-in conditioner

Heat it up in the microwave about 20 seconds then saturate the hair with the mix. Cover hair with plastic bag or cap then tie a head scarf over and leave in hair for 1 hr to overnight.

Shampoo out then condition hair (if desired but after that won't have to), twist new growth and style.

Pics coming soon....

Stay tuned ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My hair color

My hair color before...

My hair color after...

My hair started looking dull and lifeless so I decided to dye my hair once again and this was the result...I'm happy with it ;) Stay tuned for new pics!!

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Braid Out Updo

This is a style you can use if you have your hair braids for the braid out/crinkled look.

The front is in a basket weave then take a handful of hair at either side and tie a knot. Then tuck it and pin it down. Take 6 or so braids in the back and braid them into plaits and rubber band the ends. Once the back is fully braided, another basket weave (from the bottom up). Once at the top, just tuck down the ends.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 new products review

Ok so I was talking to a potential client who asked me have I ever heard of this loc machine that locks your hair immediately....I smirked to myself and said...a lock machine? Are you serious? But I kindly replied to him no I haven't heard of this item. So, I went and did some research and found what "machine" he was talking about. So I'll be ordering this real soon and I'll let everyone know how it works.
Just thought I should share...

Dreadlocks- Dread Head HQ.
Instructions and products for growing and maintaining dreadlocks.


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