Friday, October 28, 2011

If you don't have the patience, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

I started interlocking my locs on Monday of this week and wasn't able to finish until Wednesday!!! It doesn't usually take me that long to do my own hair but I had a client come on Monday all the way from NY for me to do his locks (he was in desperate need of my services LOL) So I stopped doing my hair to do his and by the time I was done, I didn't even want to touch my own...I was sooooo tired!!! But between Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to FINALLY finish my locs YAAAAAAY ME!!! Here are before and after photos of my progress...
 Before starting the interlocking session
 Half way through the interlocking
 All done!!!!

If you do not have the patience to do your own interlocking please do not try this at home!!!! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I must say ladies and gentlemen..I am truly impressed!!! Being that the majority of the products I received can be used for hair AND body...that was a big plus in my book. So here we go......

The Hair and Body Shampoo is AWESOME! Smells like oranges (had me craving some in the shower) cleansed my locs and it didn't dry out my skin. A+

The Spa Hair Conditioner was a little watery to me (I guess I was used to those thick conditioners that you have to scoop out of the jars so I really wasn't expecting it to be pourable) but ladies let me tell softened my locs and again smelled like oranges LOL I love oranges by the way!!!

Twisty Locs has become my favorite to use to retwist my locs and for braids. I used it on my stepmom's hair and she LOVED IT! (so I guess I have to order her some too LOL) Seriously, applying it, you would think that it's greasy but it soaked into my locs and (I did my hair on Friday and today is Wednesday and they're STILL moisturized! With any other product, my locs would be dry by now SMH) I absolutely love it and will be using this product to twist my hair from now on!

HAPPY SCALP! HAPPY SCALP! Is my new best friend!!!!!!!!!!!
I used this on my stepmom (who needs to grow her hair out due to a bad perm made her hair fall out), on my brother (whose hair is extremely dry and brittle) and my brother's girlfriend (who has dry scalp) and it worked WONDERS!!!!! I haven't used it on myself as of yet but when I feel that my scalp is yearning for moisture which doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon...I will be applying the HAPPY SCALP to my scalp :)

BUTTER DROPS The bottle reads Just Like "Butter" and they are so right!!!!  Before washing my hair because I was running late to get to work, I put some in my locs just so that they wouldn't look so dry and when I tell you that it looked like I did my locs...I'm not lying! I love Butter Drops! I will using it from now on!
HAPPY PEOPLE ONLY (HPO) SPA TREATMENT has acquired a new client and I will suggest it to ALL of my clients, friends and family! 


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