Sunday, March 25, 2018

10 years Locversary

December 1st 2007 I came to the life altering decision to loc my hair. I say life altering because I am dark skin and of Hispanic decent and dreads (locs) are frowned upon. My family wasn't very supportive during the early stages of my locs journey but I stood my ground! 10 years later everyone loves my locs and keep asking me is it all mine....Yes! Yes it is all mine!
So now it's a lot of different changes that I'm still getting used to, as far as length...styling and trying to sleep with longer hair has definitely been an adjustment.
I decided to dye my locs and lighten up my roots, so I'm using Dark and Lovely Intensive Red. I usually need 4 bottles for all of my locs but I only had 2 boxes so I decided since my locs are a dark brown, I'll lighten the front and leave the back alone.

This is my hair color before I transformed.......

This is after I dyed it, braided the front and curled the back.
 The front turned out a little lighter than expected...ok, ok, I got distracted and lost track of time...still like it though LOL


Here I decided to braid my locs for a braid out (with a few added accessories 😃)

 Stay tuned... now that my wedding is getting closer, I'm going to be posting a lot more.


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