Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Braid Out style

I love the crinkle look that braiding my locs gives me. Now braiding my hair for the crinkle look takes time. Not necessarily the braid process itself, it's the waiting for the crinkles to set. For soft crinkles that'll fall within a week, all I do is cornrow my hair in about 8-10 cornrows and leave it in for about a day or two. This time I actually took about 6 locs and made plaits throughout my entire head. I didn't want to take them down so I created a style with the plaits.

From Loc Progress

From Loc Progress

Now the braids in the back I coiled them up and put a rubber band on each braid to hold it in place overnight...If I would've kept the coils in, the curls would be tighter...I took this picture after my curls dropped a bit.

From Loc Progress

I love being creative with my hair and I love sharing my journey...stay tuned...more styles and pics to come :)

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