Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Good Hair"

I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie "Good Hair". I'm glad I watched it (liked it so much I watched it twice and took notes!!)
Good hair....what is considered to be good hair? Well, let's break it down shall we:

Good - morally excellent; virtuous; righteous satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree.

Hair - any of the numerous fine, usually cylindrical keratinous filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals.

So good hair would be considered any of the numerous fine, usually cylindrical keratinous filaments growing from the skin that is virtuous and righteous satisfactory in quality and quantity.....really??

Why is it so hard for woman of color to wear and be PROUD of their hair?
Hair is a woman's glory and you share that with your family. (Dr. Maya Angelou)

Unfortunately woman of color have been brainwashed practically since birth to think that "the lighter, the brighter, the better (Nia Long) and as a little 3 yr old girl said you're "supposed" to get a perm swinging her recently relaxed ponytails.
Personally, I think 3 yrs old is way too young to apply a relaxer in a child's hair. If you can take the time to apply that CREAMY CRACK to your child's hair, you can apply the same time to learn how to maintain her natural tresses!
As a child, my mother started me on the creamy crack at the tender age of 6. She couldn't handle all of my hollering and screaming while she tried to do my hair...the neighbors always thought she was beating me. It was a very painful experience I must admit, but now that I'm grown and embraced my natural beauty...I will never turn back to the creamy crack!
This reminds me of....School Daze the song Good and Bad hair...

I'm glad that Chris Rock actually went to the Dudley factory in Greensboro, NC to find out what exactly is in a relaxer... does anyone know what Sodium Hydroxide is? It's the main chemical in "relaxers" that breaks down the protein in the hair. ALSO...if you inhale the fumes for too long it can cause major damage to your lungs and if it gets in your eyes, it will eventually cause blindness...(bet you didn't know that huh?) I actually saw sodium hydroxide disintegrate a soda can in less than 4 hours! Why would you want to put that on your scalp??? Just so that you can be acceptable in today's so called society?
What women (and some men) fail to realize is that natural hair is freedom (Tracie Thoms) and you should embrace the hair that you were given by your ancestors.

400 years The history of African hair in America

Let's review the history of weaves shall we...
Women have been wearing wigs and weaves to cover up their natural hair...when the pack of hair says 100% human hair, do you really know where this hair is coming from? Rock traveled to India to find out where its coming from and how it ends up in America on the heads of Doctors, Lawyers and as he stated strippers swinging on polls.
There is a religious ceremony called Tonsure where men, women and children sacrifice their hair in exchange for the God's blessing. What bothered me about this was watching a baby (she was no older than 2 yrs old) getting her hair shaved off...for it to end up on the other side of town in a sweat shop to be separated, washed, bundled or sewn into tracks to be sold to the highest bidders in AMERICA. The people that sacrificed their hair have no idea where there hair goes and they don't care to know...It happens to be the biggest export in India. Hair is worth more than Gold.

Once it gets to the states, women pay anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 for some "100% human hair". Instead of paying someone to care for their natural hair, they would rather pay to have someone else's hair on their head. As Ice-T stated...If a woman ain't happy with herself, she gonna bring nothing but pain to every fucking body around her!

*According to Rock, he was prompted to make the movie after his 5-year old daughter Lola asked him, "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?"[3] During the film, Rock delves into the $9 billion black hair industry, and visits such places as beauty salons, barbershops, hair styling conventions, scientific laboratories (to learn the science behind chemical relaxers that straighten hair), and India, where many of the hair weaves worn by African American women originate.
[Wikipedia Overview of the movie]*

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