Friday, June 18, 2010

Basket Weave Curly Pony

To achieve this look: 

Separate your ponytail first with a hair tie
Basket weave the back going upwards(use 1 or 2 pins to secure the basket weave in place)
Once your basket weave is done....collect the rest of your hair and add it to the ponytail.
I sprayed the locs with Amazon Natural Essentials Flaxy Curl Leave in Moisturizing conditioner w/flax seed oil. 
Add curlers to your pony (whichever curlers you decided to use..I used flexi rods and the small blue sponge rollers) 
Tie down overnight and taa daaa!!!! 

Comments welcomed...feel free to tell a friend :) 
Peace and Blessings


  1. make the basket weave look so easy lol

    Although my roots are nappy I've seen other freeformers do it but it never looks good on me. It's always messy and you can barely see the "weave."

    Any tips?

  2. @nappy headed black girl
    LOL it took a lot of practice to get my basket weaves (in the back) to look presentable for pictures LOL My previous ones, I wasn't too pleased about it but it still looked cute LOL
    I usually do my basket weaves right after my re-twist (or now latch hook) touch ups and having color in your locs makes it stand out more. Also...try taking smaller sections of hair (3 to 6 locs) when crossing them over (I noticed it made the weave look nice and neat).

    Thank you for subscribing and reading my blog :) Feel free to tell a friend! I welcome all!

    Peace and Blessings



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