Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hair regimen Oct 15, 2012

Hello everybody!!! Peace and Blessings!!!
Today I decided to do my hair and mix two of my favorite company's products: Earthbalisms and Buttafly Jonez :)
Earthbalisms  Buttafly Jonez

I shampooed my locs first with Earthbalisms Mint Mary Teapoo Bar to have my scalp feeling minty fresh:

Then I shampooed my locs with Buttafly Jonez Luxurious Hair and Body Wash (scent Ooh, She's Fine) 

Meanwhile...in the kitchen, I was boiling the Mint Mary Tea Rinse by Earthbalisms which I let cool then used  the rinse as directed...ran it through my locs about 3 times (from one bowl to the other). 
I had some left in the pot so I added it to my trusty spray bottle to use as a spritz for moisture...what I added to it was some of Buttafly Jonez Bath, Body & Hair Oil (scent Ooh, She's Fine I just love this scent!!). This mix I will utilize while I'm re twisting my new growth because by the time I get to the top of my head...my locs are usually already dry. 

Once I start re twisting my locs, I will use Buttafly Jonez Hair and Body Butter which I absolutely love especially since my locs are dyed I need to keep them moisturized to prevent breakage and dryness. 

Since I'm only at the "just rinsed" stage..I will be posting pics of my final results of my re twist. 
If you're looking for companies that actually care about your hair and put LOVE in their products....I definitely recommend Buttafly Jonez. Co as well as Earthbalisms

Here is what my locs look like after my re twist and braided my locs for a braid out (I just love my locs wavy LOL) 

Feel free to comment and share with friends that may be looking for some good products to use :) 

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