Monday, December 28, 2009


This new year will bring some positive changes in my life.
I start at a new shop tomorrow which means that corporate america just isn't for me anymore. I've been looking for an office job for the past year and a half and I always get the..."there just aren't any positions out here that you're qualified for". In my opinion I think that they just didn't want to pay me what I was asking for.  Better for me though because I only did office work because I had the training to, not because I loved it.

Now doing hair....that's what I love to do!! I've worked at shops where I would open up at 10am and not leave until 4am to then open the shop up again at 10am...without complaints! I loved it! Would do it all over again! Once I open my Natural Hair Care Salon and Spa...I will do the same and expect my stylist to have the same love for hair that I do.

I'm going to find as many natural hair care seminars and classes this year that I can take so that I can keep my skills up to par. I'm going hard this year! Like the song says...GO HARD OR GO HOME!
As I start my new journey in this new salon, I will also start a workout regimen, 3 days a week which will included some skating as well :) "I gotta skate!!"

Wow, so many good things for this upcoming year :) Stay tuned...

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