Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chocolashea Hair and Body Products

I have received and used some of her products. Here is my review:

Black Soap and the Vanilla Bean soap bars....O...M....G.....! The best soap I have used in YEARS!!!
I love the smell and all though the black soap dries my skin out a bit, it's awesome on my hair!  The vanilla bean soap which contains olive oil is definite for me! I love love love it!!!!

This Aloe-Vera Multipurpose Spritzer is awesome!!! Whenever my scalp feels dry or my locs start looking like they need somemoisture...SPRITZ SPRITZ SPRITZ, massage and keep it moving! It's so soothing on my scalp and my locs seem to love it! I also use it after I style my hair just to give my locs a little more shine.

Chocolate Whipped Hair Butter with Black Seed oil. If you love chocolate I definitely RECOMMEND this hair butter. I don't know how she does it but it smells JUST LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! I applied this hair butter on my locs before curling them with my pipe cleaners. I still haven't removed my pipe cleaners but my locs feel wonderful to the touch and look shiny! (making me love my hair color even more because it doesn't look dull anymore).

Peppermint Patty Hair Candy wow! It smells exactly like a peppermint patty! Now I'll be honest, I'm not a peppermint patty fan but I will be using this on my clients that do :) It's whipped butter just like the chocolate whipped hair butter so I know my clients will love it :)
Stay tuned for more products reviews :) I'm just getting started!!!
Peace and Blessings!

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