Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Curls

Ok so yesterday 11/14/11 I decided to deep condition my locs which was much needed...I shampooed my hair with the natural black soap that I received from Chocolashea (which I love love love her products I must say!!! product review on Chocolashea coming soon....) and I concocted a deep conditioner which consist of, HPO Spa Treatment Hair Conditioner, and the HPO Butter Drops. I drenched my locs and covered them with a plastic shower cap and put a scarf on over it (now don't laugh at me) I wrapped a towel on top of the scarf and put a plastic bag (yes a plastic store bag) over all of that...talk about retaining the heat! LOL
Being that I had a braid client, I did all of this early in the day (about1030am), she came over about 2pm and didn't leave till about 6pm. I didn't wash the conditioner out of my hair until about 8pm so the conditioner was in my hair for pretty much the whole day. Once I rinsed it out, I pulled out my trusty pipe cleaners to start rolling...
To moisturize my locs, I used Chocolashea's Chocolate Whipped Hair Butter (which smells just like chocolate YUMMMMMM) and I added some more Butter Drops (I just love that stuff) and proceeded to spiral curl mylocs.
The pictures below is how I have my locs now and once I pull these pipe cleaners out, I will post pics of my final results :)

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