Monday, May 28, 2012

Buttafly Jonez Hair/Body Products and Dred Jewelz review

If you're looking for all natural products that smell absolutely YUMMY...Buttafly Jonez is the company to look up and purchase from!!!
I received my products which consists of: (L to R) Scent: Ooh, She's Fine!  Bath Body & Hair Oil, Jaloe, Original Hair and Body Wash,  and Body and Hair Butter with the most beautiful made Dred Jewelz to adorn my locs. 

Bath Body & Hair Oil: I used this as I step out of the shower to moisturize my skin in these hot months and it has my skin feeling like a baby's bottom!!! I used some on my locs as well and my locs are looking much more healthier than they did before I washed them. 

Jaloe: Can also be used for hair and body and it adds a wet look and feel to my locs. It aids in daily maintenance and light hold when twisting. My locs feel nice and juicy.

Original Hair and Body Wash: I used this as a body wash first and it lathered up well and left my skin feeling oh so soft. Today I shampooed my locs and also used it as a body wash and I'm feeling silky smooth from head to toe. 

Body and Hair Butter: I'm about to use this butter to retwist my locs. I just hope I don't use the entire jar because it smells so good LOL It doesn't feel greasy at all which is a plus for me.

Buttafly Jonez has a list of fragrances that I'm sure will satisfy everyone's desires (link to her site under the picture)

Dred Jewelz: Since I have an obsession with Egyptian artifacts, she sent me a collection of Jewelz I instantly fell in love with! You can tell that they are quality items that will not damage your locs and made with love. 

I definitely recommend you do yourself a favor and order from this wonderful lady who takes pride in her work. I love supporting small business and with her products...she won't be a small business for long!! 

Peace and Blessings!!


  1. Thank you so much for the love!! I really appreciate it!!

    1. I should be thanking you for all the goodies :) You are truly blessed sis :)

      Peace and Blessings!!



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