Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giving credit to all Kitchenticians!!

2001 Braiding hair in Colorado

2004 loc maintenance in The Bronx, NY

2010 Loc Maintenance in NYC

2010 Loc Maintenance Chicago, IL

I started braiding hair seriously 17yrs ago in college trying to make some extra money, but I've been braiding hair since I was 6 yrs old living in Allentown, PA...braiding my neighbor/friend's hair.  Now I do natural hair designs for the LOVE of it :) So far, I've done hair in the following states and I still have clientèle in these states: NYC, COLORADO, MARYLAND, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS and more to goal is to have clients in every state I travel to.
What people fail to understand is that braiding and locking are an art form that is not taught at a cosmetology school. We pick it up from playing with Barbie dolls/Cabbage Patch dolls and family members.
For the life of me I can not understand why a person would rather pay a stylist more money just because they're in an establishment for the same services you get at a home location. It shouldn't matter where you get your hair done, as long as you're satisfied with the service and it's done professionally. (I am referring to natural styles. Nothing that has to do with any chemicals being applied to the hair follicle).

Another thing....what is it with the infamous "hook-up"?? Everyone is always looking for a hook-up but when they go to an establishment, they pay full price! Why is that? I understand that times are hard but don't you think times are hard for all of us and we're just trying to make ends meet like you why would you try to con us out of the full price we ask for to get a deal?

To all my kitchenticians I applaud you!!! We put up with way more in the home than at a shop and we're overworked and under appreciated. So this is my way of saying...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! 

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